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The Fall Guys has gotten immensely popular. The game is helped by Twitch streamers streaming how fun it was to play and get the win of the game. It got so popular that somebody or some company made a scam on it. Apparently, ads for the mobile version of the game is coming up online and racking up more views than the average twitch streamers have now

It is not surprising that the mobile version got huge attention since the game is pretty fun to play, and the premise of a fun mini battle royale games on Mobile Devices is pretty tempting. Especially since there aren’t that many good mobile games in the store.  It got real huge that the official twitter account of Fall Guys got serious and warn their followers about the scam video that has been going around in sites like YouTube. The Fall Guys twitter account specifically told fans that the game is only available on PC and PS4, and told that the video to be false.

Well, if you are interested in the mobile Android version of the game, there is one that is a little bit similar called Fall Dudes 3D. The game has the same premise as Fall Guys, and has a similar gameplay [more info here].

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