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LifeAfter, a massive online Survival MMORPG game with the themes of Apocalyptic zombie survival is getting a new collaboration. They are getting new action pack games with Resident Evil, and it is going to start next week August 27th, until September 10th.

The collaboration will give their players an event where the Hope 101 camp will be visited by the Umbrella Corporation, which is the antagonist of the Resident Evil series. This crossover will add a special area in the game for the players to explore. Aside from that, the collaboration bonus will give a bonus outfit inspired by the series Resident Evil!

Aside from that, there are 4 new bosses to LifeAfter based on Resident Evil boss, You will be able to see Mr.X, and many other character in the game. So work with your friends to kill him. Also, you can pre-register now to get some exclusive rewards. Logging in during the duration of the event will also give you the following rewards:

  •  Iconic character Ada Wong figurine
  •  Special joint event picture frame
  • Supplies Gift Pack (Special Pickaxe * 1, Heart Pacemaker * 1, Berries * 10, Bandage * 3)
  • LifeAfter X Resident Evil BackPack

Life After is a NetEase survival game available on both Mobile devices and PC!

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