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Fall Guys recently clarifies that the game currently is available only on PC and PS4, this is to remove the rumors that the game is going out on mobile [full information]. Anyway, on the recent official account for Fall Guys in China Weibo, it seems like they are interested in developing the mobile version for Fall Guys.

The devs, recently announced via a new post that Fall Guys is going to developed the game for mobile devices and the publisher for the game will be in China. It is not surprising that the devs finally decides to make Fall Guys on the mobile device since the game is really fun to play with or without your friends.  Essentially, if you think about it, the game is not that hard with little control to port to the mobile devices.

Anyway, today the game is open up for registration, and you will be able to use the following link here to pre-register. For now, if you are interested in Fall Guys imitation on mobile, you can try Fall Dudes.

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