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With Updated Visual and more features!

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile game launched on iOS and Android. The game is released back in 2018 and has been downloaded for more than 600 million people with 50 million daily users that played the game daily. Sure the game is controversial, but it is one of the good games on mobile. While doing so, the game has yet hit version 1.0, well at least until 8 September in the next update.

This update will introduce new content in this battle royale title and will include improvements to the character, quality, and graphic. The main lobby light, and other environment updates. Other than that, there are also details that are going to be updated in the game from particles, smokes, air blast, to water that are going to be improved in the version 1.0 updates.

Aside from that TiMi, promise that since 0.10, the version 1.0 improvement is going to have higher FPS and Reduced lag in the game up to 76% from its first release. The PUBG Mobile also teased that they are going to release a much-anticipated surprise, we expect this has something to do with erangel 2.0 that are going to be updated soon.

What do you think about this update. PUBG Mobile is available on mobile for Android and iOS!

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