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Still just a rumor…

Pokemon GO is rumored to have a subscription soon. A Data Miner has found that there is going to be another way to spend cash in Pokemon GO soon. The game has a massive success since it’s released back in 2016 as one of the most popular augmented reality games that are based on Pokemon. The game is so much fun, with tons of updated content each day.

However, there are many players that might be a concern when Pokemon GO really did release a subscription service each month, where players will need to pay some cash to unlock some of the features that had been available before.

This information first comes to TheSilphRoad, where data miners shared that their teams find this feature on the latest APK release. It uncovers a lot of detail regarding how Pokemon GO’s mega evolution on the game, and said that there is going to be a new subscription category on the store section of the APK.

But still for now, there isn’t any details regarding this subscription category that might be given by Niantic. The data that the data miner uncover didn’t really have any indication of what the player will spend their money on.

Some said that this might be a subscription for battle pass, some even said that this could potentially award players a box of in-game resources. The responses are mixed but there might be more to it.

Niantic themselves hasn’t given any comments regarding this update, and we might need to wait for the next few updates for it to uncover. What do you think about this?

Pokemon GO can be played on both iOS and Android!

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