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A puzzle games like Homescapes and Candy Crush are becoming more and more popular right now. Homescapes has a unique atmosphere where players will advance in the game, while building their dream homes, and solving match 3 puzzle in the game.

If you are looking for a similar game, then why not check a game called Tuscany Villa that is available on both iOS and Android!

Tuscany Villa is a free casual match-3 puzzle game and adventure game for fans of home and garden design with a twist! Run your own hotel, a charming Italian old mansion converted into a family house set in the romantic Mediterranean, and welcome guests from around the world.

Make them feel right at home with stunning interior design and decoration or jaw-dropping natural creations in the house’s garden and grounds. Start from scratch, renovate the entire family hotel and the garden, and add flowers to decorate to make the guests feel at home. In this fun game, you will have to solve challenging situations in this blast puzzles games.

You will need to help Laura renovate her grandmother’s mansion and make it into a family hotel. This is done by playing a match 3 puzzle game. There is a story that is given to the players if you have solved the puzzle. After the first few rounds, you will given some abilities that will help in the game as long as you manage to match 4 or 5 the same things.

Much like other match 3 games, there is going to be limited amount of action that you can take before the game end. Your job is to time yourself or to think about what moves you should take, before you slide that puzzle.

Oh, there are also some challenging mini-games and that you can find in Tuscany Villa. Aside from that, this game is free to play, but a bit pay to win for those that didn’t have any patience at all.

Since you will need to use your coins to add more action in the game, but according to the reviews that i had seen there are one person that said that he/she is able to get into 300 rounds without using any items. #SlowClap. If he/she can do it, then we can do it.

Anyway, the game is available for both android and iOS!

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