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Ragnarok Origin is one of the best Ragnarok game on Mobile. The game is fun because it gives their players a real experience of playing the previous Ragnarok online game on Mobile.

Which is why, even if it is released on Korea, there are many peoples around the world that are playing the game. But because of the server, there might be lag because of high ping and server difference. So today, we will give you some of the best VPN to play Ragnarok Origin!

Note: Choose Korea as the server for VPN

1. Solo VPN

One of the most secure and used vpn to play ragnarok game. The server is quite fast and stable, plus the download runs smoothly with this. There is no need to register when you use this VPN service. However there might be ads when you use it.


2. VPN Korea

Although Korea VPN is not as fast as Solo VPN, the app is a good alternative if Solo VPN didn’t work at all. The app is simple and easy to use, you only need to download the app, tap it and voila you can play the game.


3. Veilduck


VeilDuck is the fastest and most secure VPN service. Open the App, activate the VPN and start surfing in complete privacy and anonymity – it’s that simple! To ensure complete privacy and protection NO signup is required, and NO personal information is ever asked. VeilDuck is the best choice for safe, private, anonymous internet surfing – all for FREE! There is also Korea server that you can access for free without any problem.


4. Open VPN

This is your VPN choice if you are familiar with Open VPN settings, mainly because you will need to configure the app yourself before you can use it. To connect, you will also need a good Korean VPN server, and manually configure it, you will need a lot of time to configure it, and the service offered is trial and error because you will need to test it if you get green ping on the game. but if you found one that have a good connection, this app will worth it. For korean VPN Server [link]


Hopefully, with these apps, you will be able to play any Korean online games without any problems. Wish that this article will be able to help you in anyway. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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