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Ragnarok Origin is an MMORPG game that is pretty popular right now, the game is so much fun with tons of stuff to explore. However, because the game is from Korea, there are many people from other countries that are experiencing ping problem when playing the game.

Which is why today we will give you some of the best and simple way to increase Ragnarok Origin Ping. Check it out!

1. Use VPN

Probably one of the most useful tips to increase Ragnarok origin game ping. You will need to connect to the Korean Server yourself before playing the game. This can be done by using some of the best Korean VPN on your phone. For more information on the [best free Korean VPN you can click the link here]

2. Close other apps that take up your internet service

If you want a much more stable ping then you will most definitely need to close other apps that use your internet service. This includes apps like messengers, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

So, before you open your Ragnarok Origin game, clear your ram, close your messenger, and voila you will be able to play with ease.

3. Use WiFi Connection

For a lot of reason, WiFi usually has a much stable connection than your data packet. If you have a WiFi connection in your house, then use it to play the game rather than using a data connection.

Hopefully, with these little tips, you will be able to play ragnarok origin easily without any problem. Thank you for reading!

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