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Otherworld Legends is the newest roguelike RPG game that lets you play a bunch of different characters with different skills. Your goal in this game is to dive into a dungeon and finish each stages in order to advance the game. Each stage will have around 3 floors and 1 boss monster that can kill you easily.

Thankfully, there are many variables in this game that will help you, and today we will give you little tips on how to do that. Check out this beginner guide!

1. Hidden Room on every floor

On every floor that you had passed through, there is going to be one hidden room that won’t be shown in the map unless you had gotten through them. You can see if it is a hidden room or not when passing through an invisible door that you can use to access the floor.

Note: There are some hints that you can use to know if a room can access the hidden room. Where there is going to be light being suck into the hidden door.

2. Status Effect Item 1st

In this game, Status Effect item is a must, especially if you are using the character Quan Huying that has a huge attack speed as your main character. Status effect like Freeze and Stun is a must-have relic. So take Ice elf and fireworks whenever you could.

3. Customize first then upgrade

If you had passed a certain floor in the game, there is going to be another room where you can upgrade your equipment. But besides that, there is a man that can be used to customize your equipment relic. As you know, there is a total of 4 relics that you can equip to your character, the rest is available via your weapon relics. However,  the relics on the equipment are random,  but you can change it by using the man beside the equipment lady.  After you change your relic,  you can then enhance and refine your equipment for an easy damage boost!

4. The shopkeeper can be fought for the relics

If you by chance hit the shopkeeper that sell you stuff, you can beat him up for the easy item. but do note that he won’t ever come back to sell you anything during the run anymore. which is why I suggest you really think about the item that you want if you want to use this way.

Hopefully, these little tips will be able to help you win the game.  The last boss is a guy named Ashura and honestly a  pain in the ass that will come back to live 3 times even after you kill him. So best of luck. The game is so much fun and it has so much content to explore!

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