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Each month there is going to be a new mobile android game. This month which is September 2020, So our writer this month has played around 10 and found that 4 of those games are pretty good to play whenever you want. So today, we will give you 4 different android game that you must try in September 2020. Check out this list!

1. YOLO? – Real Challenging!


Want to try the “Final Destination” style puzzle game? Your target is to kill’em all, Take everything available in each scenario or you will get stuck. Boost your brainpower to complete the grim reaper’s mission. YOLO? is a puzzle game, where you will be playing as a grim reaper trying to kill everybody. Your goal here is to maximize your tool and play your part in killing without using your hands. So take the screw from a Ferris wheel and kill all the passengers!


2. Tom and Jerry: Chase – Real Fun!


Ever wonder what it feels like being inside the world of Tom and Jerry? Our favorite cartoon from before the age of internet? Well, say no more, because today NetEase has released a game called Tom and Jerry Chase Global, where players will be able to play as both Tom and Jerry in a cartoon world. Tom will need to catch 4 mouse, and Jerry will need to send cheese in the hole. The game is pretty fun to play, much like a 2D Dead by Daylight, or 2D identity feel to it. Each character has their own power, and it is your job to finish their mission.


3. Hamster Village – Real Cute!


Wants a more casual game that are fun and cute? Say no more, Hamster Village is an idle game, where you will only need to manage a group of hamster to live their live in a village. Hamster Village lets you play as a God of Hamster. You will need to take care of your furry little friends, while seeing them roam around to heal your soul.


4. Save the Hero: Pull the pin – Just Real!

If you are like me and wanted to play the game inside the ads of “Homescapes” where you use the pin to trap and kill the monster then this is for you. The game is really fun, challenging, and real. You play as a hero, trying to use the pins as your advantages. Pull the wrong pin, then you die. Pull the right pin, then you will get a reward.


There you have it, 4 new games for you to try out this month, hopefully, with this list, you are able to be more relaxed during this time, stay home and wash your hands!

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