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Inner Sloth, as a developer of Among us, recently released that they are going to developed a new version of Among Us called Among Us 2. The game is currently on development, but the devs haven’t stated when it is going to be released. Considering it is first released 2 years ago this update is not that surprising.

Among Us 2 is going to get a stable server and more content!

On the Blog post, Inner Sloth stated that originally Among Us is made to play locally in one room where players will be able to discuss who is the impostor, and where the body is. It takes a long time to add more features to it, with the example of 2 months to add the online multiplayer and another 6 months to add another map to the game.

The devs added that the game is so fragile that a little update might break it, and it is easier to just make a new game. Of course with more content and a stable server.

Inner Sloth also added that Among Us 2 is going to be free to play on both Android and iOS devices with ads, but for the PC version, players might need to pay for the full game as with the Among Us PC on steam. However, Inner Sloth will give their buyers a discounted voucher, and they won’t need to pay for the full price to play the game.

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