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Ragnarok Battle Academy, Ragnarok Battle Royale Game!

Gravity finally released a new update regarding the long-awaited Ragnarok battle Academy (ROBA) Which is announced last year. The game is the combination of both Battle royale, and MMORPG games, where the character will be able to change jobs during the fight.

Of course, much like any other battle royale game, players will need to kill other players in an arena that will become smaller each round. Players will start as a novice and could hunt other monsters to level up. after some time, you will be able to job change your character to gain more skills to fight the other players.

This information is currently based on the video gameplay that is being released by Gravity themselves last year. The game looks so much fun, and because it is the nostalgic Ragnarok Online, players will be able to feel part of most gamer childhood in the game.

The game is currently being developed by Extreme studio, and if players want to play the game, you will be able to go to their official game website and join the new adventure on Rune Midgard!

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