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We are already known that Among Us is not a perfect game, start from the server problem to their game in general. There are many things that are wrong with this game, but it is still fun to play. However, do note that not every players are good at this game, and because of that, they resort by using a cheat, and one of the newest cheat in Among Us are the Impostor Radar!

What does the cheat do?

Among Us Cheat

Basically, the impostor radar, let you know where the impostor is, and to let you know who it is. The cheat will take out the fun of the game, but there are many people that are using it to win the game, why? We don’t know.

Do you guys have the cheat?

Yes, but we don’t condone you guys to use the cheat. We have the cheat because we wants to know and wants to try the cheat and tell it to you guys. If you want to try the cheat, then here is step by step how to install it:

  • Download the modded Apk here.
  • Install the apk.
  • And then the when you start the game by using the Apk installed the cheat will immediately show itself.

Do note that by using this cheat, you took the fun out of the game. When you are playing with your friends, it is not fun to know immediately who the impostor is, and we don’t recommend the use of this cheat, except for trying it and reporting it to the devs.

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