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After the next update that changes Endless Tower to one account only, there are some people that are wondering how to get easy Mentor Badge/Great Mentor Licence in the next updates by using the alt character.  This is why today we will give you some information regarding it.

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How to get full mentor badge on 1 alt account in the next patch update!

Ragnarok Mobile Mentor Badge

After the next patch update, Endless Tower will change to account only. It means that only 1 char student account will only provide a mentor badge to your main character if you finish Endless tower the wrong way. But there is a trick to let your alt account provide 3 char mentor badge to your main account as usual. So here is the tricks:

1. Bring your students to Endless Tower as usual

2. 1st students will need to clear Endless tower 1-60F

3. 2nd students will need to clear Endless tower 61-70F

4. 3rd students will need to clear ET 71-80F

Using this method, you need to change your character 3 times, however you only need 1 round of Endless Tower to get the full mentor badge. It seems like Ragnarok Mobile system will only detects the character after clearing the Mini, and MVP boss monster on Endless tower, and then automatically records it to the system.

So without clearing the 1-60F, you will get the full mentor badge, as long as you clear the next Mini and MVP all together.

Note: If you complete ET with the first character, you won’t be able to get the mentor badge in your main account as you want. You will need to be careful!

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