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Mobile Legends recently has released their new hero which is called Broddy the newest marksman, and as always after releasing one new hero on Mobile Legends original server, there is going to be another hero that is going to be released on the advance server. The hero is called Matilda, and has the power of support that can change the tide of the match.


Matilda is a unique hero that has the ability to gives other hero skills. She is probably the newest support after a long time and has the ability to increase her allies movement speed while dealing massive damage to her enemies. Her skills are:

  • Passive: [Ancestral Guidance] – Mathilda gains [Ancestral Guidance] while moving. When it is fully charged, her next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing Magic Damage to the target and increasing her Movement Speed.
  • Skill 1: [Power of Ancestors] – Mathilda resonates with the power of ancestors and summons wisps that surround her. With the movement distance increased, more and more wisps will be attracted to her and grant her a shield, capped at 4 stacks. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, the power of ancestors will guide the wisps to attack nearby enemies, each time dealing Magic Damage. Damage is reduced when hitting the same target.
  • Skill 2: [Wind Force] – Mathilda leaps to a designated place. Upon landing, she uses the power of ancestors to create a field surrounding her. The allied heroes who come in contact with this field will learn a new skill, [Wind Force]. After using the new skill, the hero will blink to Mathilda, and both of them will gain extra Movement Speed. The hero will lose [Wind Force] after leaving the field for a period of time. While a hero has cast [Wind Force], other teammates will lose this skill in the meantime.
  • Ultimate: [Lightness] – Mathilda applies a Soul Mark to the targeted hero, dealing Magic Damage. It can be cast again, and then Mathilda will immediately fly around the target. During this period, wisps will rush to nearby enemies, each time dealing Magic Damage. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, she will rush to the target, knocking enemies on the patch back and dealing Magic Damage. Mathilda gains control immunity during her fly.

If you see her description clearly, you will see that the wind force is a skill that gives other hero other skills. This skill will change the tide, and how other players gank. Where they can immediately tap the skill given to them, to teleport themselves to a safer place when they are near matilda. Of course, there are limits when using this skills, but if used right, it can definitely surprise and kill the enemies hero easily.

So what do you think about Matilda? Do you think that she is going to be so OP in the next updates?

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