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Genshin impact is becoming one of the best Gacha Game since its first release worldwide. The game is so much fun, that it had been downloaded by over 17 million people on Mobile devices alone. The game offers a unique open-world RPG, with multiplayer and anime themes that make peoples fall in love instantly, and recent leaks suggest that the game is going to be larger than expected.

On Monday, 12 October next week, it is said that Mihoyo is going to update the game. Aside from giving a couple of bug fixes, there are going to be more wealthy content for their players to enjoy. One of which is 8 new characters that is going to join the game, such as, Geo Spear User Zhongli, and Cryo Sword Wielder Ayaka, which are playable in the beta test period and many more.

There is also a new region that the player can explore, Inuzuma which is an electro based area that is inspired by Japan. This new area can be explored upon reaching level 34 adventure rank, and players will be able to follow the game next storyline.

It is also leaked that there are things like Private message, and Friends online notification that is going to be added in the game next updates, which will make the game easier to play with friends. However, do note that this information is only rumored to be true, but if you are interested in checking the game, players will be able to play Genshin Impact on Android, iOS, PS4, and PC for free!

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