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Among Us is probably becoming one of the best party games currently, not only that it is fun, you only need to use your phone to play it anywhere you want. If you are not familiar with the game, basically it is a werewolf or mafia game, where you will need to kill and find impostor depending on your role. The game is fun to play, at least until you die, and can’t do anything except for being a slave to the task.

However that is going to change in the next few updates, because the programmer and developer of Among Us, Forest Willard said that they want to change the game to let killed players have fun in the game. They are thinking of implementing a role such as a guardian angel, that will be able to shield other players in the game, this is a new role that will lets tons of headache to their developers, so they might need a lot of time to implement this feature.

Among Us can now be downloaded on both Mobile and PC on Steam. But if you are interested in other’s game like among us, then you might want to check out our article “5 Android Games like Among Us!”.

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