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Genshin Impact is really hot right now, there are so many things that you can do in the game, which means that there are so many things that you need to understand, and one of which is the Currencies that you will need to keep your eye on. Hopefully by learning where to earn the currencies, you will be able to earn more money

First of all, there are:

Genesis Crystal

Genesis Crystal are the premium currency that you can find on the game, and you will need to pay some money to get it.


One of the freemium currency in the game that you can get it from:

  • Opening Chest
  • Completing quest and task
  • Exchanging your Genesis Crystal for Primogems

These gems can be used to trade fate items, and Wish Sumon.


This is a currency that can be used to trade for more fate, can only be received by performing a Wish Summon, when you get a duplicate character or weapons.


A currency that can only be used to trade items, much like starglitter it can only be received through Wish Summon, but the items that you can trade has a higher quality than Starglitter. You can only trade 5 fate item with this currency per month.

Geo Sigil/Anemo

Both are the unique currencies that you can use to trade at shop for Ascension Materials in towns. These currencies can only be earned by completing quests around the world. Mondstadt will use Anemo Sigil, and Liyue will use Geo Sigil.


Gold currency in Genshin Impact, you can use this to buy basic item in the shop, like ingredients. You can also use this for Enhancement, and level up-ing your weapons and character. Mora can be found almost anywhere in the world, by completing quest/task, mail rewards, killing monster and chest.

Hopefully, with this little guide, you will be able to increase your overall currencies count in the game.

Genshin Impact can now be played for free on Android, iOS, PS4, and PC.

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