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Recently it is known that sun, the splitting, or cloning monkey is finally going to get a revamp. It might be the part of Moonton Project NEXT revamp, where players will be able to get a new feel to the old game. This time it is going to be Sun the fighter that nobodies use.

As you can see in the image above, the change is notable. Sun looks a lot calmer and has the dignity of a king. The golden aura, added with his golden rod makes him strong. However, there isn’t any news regarding the rework abilities and there might be other changes in his design because this is not a finished product yet.

Sun is one of the fighters in mobile legends, however, he is a little hard to use, and because of that, his popularity in Mobile Legends diminishes, especially after the Yu Zhong black dragon released. Hopefully, with this rework, we can see an increase in popularity for this fighter.

Mobile Legends can be played on Android and iOS!

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