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Aside from Alucard, and Layla, Lapu – Lapu is going to be revamped as part of Moonton project NEXT. This is so that players will be able to get a new feel on the old game. This time the Philippines hero is going to get the change, as you can see in the video gameplay below:

The revamp is going the change most of his skills, including his ultimate, and his changed form. Now, he will be able to jump and change his form in one succession. There won’t be any huge delay to change his form, and players don’t need to hide and ambush his enemies by using his ultimate now.

Much like before most of his skills will deal huge damage in his greatsword form, and poke damage in his dual sword form. This revamp makes all of his skill shines, without him losing his essence which is the ability to change his form and use it to gain advantages on any situation, Speed and damage.

This revamp is going to be released on 27 October 2020. Mobile Legends is released on both android and iOS

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