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If you have played Mobile Legends, then you will most definitely know about a YouTuber called Hororo-chan. She/He (Not yet face reveal or gender reveal) gives the community bunch of differents guides to play the game. Most of the guides are informative without adding anything, which is what the community needs, and he/she is one of the fastest-growing channels because of the game. In his/her recent videos, Hororo-chan said that Wild Rift is less expensive than the infamous Mobile Legends by Moonton.

In the video, Hororo Chan stated that he/she is going to tell you his/her opinion regarding the game with Mobile Legends as the main difference. The first thing he/she stated is the difference in Gameplay, there are so many things that you need to do in-game, which makes it confusing for first-time mobile MOBA gamer especially those that have already familiarized themselves with the mechanic of Mobile Legends.

The way, the map work, the META, and everything is different. The game is much slower, and the game in general is darker than Mobile Legends. However, Wild Rift has better animation in each character, even those that don’t have any skins, he/she complains that he/she spent around $200 Bruno skins on Mobile Legends that have good animation and skin that she doesn’t even use. Wild rift is known for cheap skins that cost around $10 that have a better animation and skin effect. In short, it is less expensive than Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends uses the Emblem system, Wild rift, uses the rune system that is much fairer than the former.

However, Hororo stated that he/she is not going to stop playing Mobile Legends as she doesn’t have good eyesight and longer matches hurt his/her eyes. So what do you think about this? Which do you prefer? Mobile legends or Wild Rift!

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