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As part of giving their players something new, Mobile Legends is going to release a new game mode that is both fun to play and very interesting. This time it is going to be Arena Mode that is practically the Clash Royale Mode on Mobile Legends Character.

In the game, there are so many things that are similar to the game. You will be given one tower to protect and 2 types of elixir, which are essences and shards. Shards can be used to summon minions and jungle monsters, while essence can be used to summon your hero.

This is of course interesting since there are many strategies that you can use in regards to both elixirs. The game is pretty simple, but there is a level system that will let you get stronger after each fight when you use a different character in the game.

Regardless, this game is so much fun to play, and I commend the devs for the interesting idea that is practically familiar to the world, but not necessarily the same. However, it is not known when this mode is going to be released on the original server!

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