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It seems like Moonton really wants to change the flow of their game. Recently after changing the use and role of each heroes and added a much more important jungle role to the game, Moonton decides to add another thing called Shield that is going to make it harder to kill the turret. This is so that the match could be longer, and players could play around the turret that will shield them from the incoming heroes.

Players that manage to shave the shield will be getting golds that can be used to buy items in the early game. Usually, this shield is going to stay up to 210s in the game which is around early – mid-game, where players will have around 1 mid-tier item to kill their enemy heroes. However, In the next patch updates, the shield will stay up to 300s, which is around 5 minutes in the game, and in the mid-game.

This update will of course change the game a bit, where players will now be able to prioritize ganking the enemies while having their shield protect their turret. Incidentally making the game much more longer, since there is no need to protect and hit the turret while the shield is up. Killing the enemies will give you more gold, and of course a better statistic in your profile.

Well, what do you guys think about these updates? Do you want a longer match in Mobile Legends? Comment down below!

Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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