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It is simple to play and win in Mobile Legends, You usually only need to find out which character/hero that is OP and use them in every match. Since season one, there have been so many changes in the META, whereas there are many players that are trying to adapt to the current META Hero, such as Ling and Hilda that are so OP in the jungle. Thankfully in the next updates, Moonton is going to nerf both of these OP heroes.

In the next patch updates, Moonton is going to nerf both of their ultimate ability. Hilda is going to have reduced damage when her ultimate stackability is full. Each stack power that she has, will have reduced by almost 50%, from 50 to 25 in the early game, and 60 to 35 in the late game. This will of course make her not as powerful as before.

Aside from that, Ling that has gotten a nerf in the previous patch is going to have another nerf on his ultimate cooldown. Now, it is going to be twice as long, with 42s to 52s in the early game lvl 1, and 36s to 46s in the late game at lvl 3.

Hopefully, with these updates, we will have a much more balanced game and the older hero that will shine in the land of dawn.

Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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