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If you are a Johnson tank main that likes to drive around the land of dawn, then you will definitely like these next updates. Where Moonton is going to give us a much easier control to Johnson control when using his ultimate. Although it is not significant, the change can be noticed, and Johnson will be able to turn much easier.

Of course this is a welcome change, especially since Johnson is pretty popular in the Epic tier below where players are not as experienced as the Legends and Mythic tier. Aside from that, there are also going to be Cooldown reduction where players will be able to use his ultimate much faster. This means that there are going to be more combos and a car wreck in the next updates.

Added with a good item and cooldown reduction items, You might be able to get his ultimate down to 15-20s. Regardless, this is a good buff for Johnson main, and Moonton seems to hope his popularity to go up much like other heroes after the Project NEXT Revamp.

Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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