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Lesley Mobile Legends is probably one of the most favorite marksman in Mobile Legends. Albeit the early game damage that are less than any marksman. Her burst damage is nothing to scoff by. She can double hit any enemies marksman and mage by using her first skill and can deal massive damage with a good item set.

Apart from that, there are also legends skins “Angelic Agents” that are said to be limited. The skin cost around 10.000 more diamonds and is one of the best skins in Mobile Legends because of its rarity. Well, at least it claims to be because recently it is known that Moonton is giving an encore to the limited skin Lesley Angelic Agents, with the new X-Borg skins that are coming next month.

Lesley Angelic Agents Mobile Legends

This means that the said Limited skins are going on sale, and you will be able to get her for some price. Of course, this is happy news for those that haven’t had the chance to get the skin in the previous event, but there are also some that want it to be limited as it claims to be. Investing in the game, because of the skins.

Regardless, what do you guys think about this event? Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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