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After the release of Matilda the next support and assassins in Mobile Legends, Moonton finally leaks another info to their players about the next hero roles. This leak is first released by Instagram Mobile Legends Leakers, on one of their post about the hero survey with its normal skin

Tank Mobile legends

The Chinese name of the upcoming new hero is called “Attached Body Tank”. The name might hint the skills of this new hero in Mobile legends. Although it is said to be a tank hero, there might be some change by Moonton in the next updates.

Sadly,  there are no leaks regarding this hero skills and lore. So we will need to wait a few weeks more before it is released by Moonton in the advance server. For those that didn’t know, the next hero on the list in Original Server is Benedetta, and you can get her for free!

Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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