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If you have been playing Mobile Legends, then you will definitely know that each month, Moonton is going to release new special skins called Starlight Exclusive skins. For those that didn’t know, starlight is an exclusive Mobile Legends battle pass that will give their players bunch of different rewards, this includes special limited skins that can only be bought by using Rare Fragments!

This article is made in late October, and previously we had leaked that the next November Starlight skins is Chang’e with her dessert theme, and the next December starlight 2020 is going to be Yu Zhong the fighter.

The skins name is BioHazards, and it got the feel of some experiments on Yu Zhong had gotten wrong and he is here in the land of dawn to pay back for what you did. This skins might change some of his animation and skill effects much like any other starlight grade skin in Mobile Legends, however, there are no leaks on that, current;y.

If you are interested in this skin, save up your money during November and skips Chang’e dessert theme skins to buy it!

Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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