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There are always going to be new heroes in Mobile Legends. Now if you are interested in some of the new heroes that are going to be released by Moonton, then you are in luck, because today we will give you a list of 3 new Mobile Legends heroes that are going to come soon in 2020!

1. Benedetta

Assassins hero that is going to dominate the land of dawn soon. Benedetta is going to come soon in early November and is becoming one of the OP Mobile legends heroes because of her immunity. She has a unique hold your attack button to dash and deal damage, but most importantly is her ability to regen and counter-attack. Sadly her health is not as great as most assassins.

2. Yve

Yve is a new addition to the Mobile Legends with her unique ultimate. Her ultimate lets her make space in front of her and let her deal with damage in the area. The damage dealt is no joke, because it can kill tank, sadly she trades the damage for mobility. Depending on how you use her, she can be very terrifying.

3. Matilda

Probably one of her kind. She is a hero that can support and kill in the Land of Dawn, Added with her ability to deal a huge amount of damage and buff to her allies. She is one heck of a hero to choose from. Thankfully there is going to be balancing for her ability in the advance server before her release

Bonus: Tank Role

Tank Mobile legends

The Chinese name of the upcoming new hero is called “Attached Body Tank”. The name might hint the skills of this new hero in Mobile legends. Although it is said to be a tank hero, there might be some change by Moonton in the next updates. [more info]

There are going to be more heroes included in this list, so stay tune! Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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