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Mobile Legends just released patch updates on the advanced server, and many people are shocked because of the buff that is going to affect Balmond the useless hero in Mobile Legends. The update is going to buff his damage to high HP heroes like a tanker in both early and late game.

Mobile Legends Balmond

As you can see in the image above, the update is going to improve his base damage from 300 – 500 to 400 at all levels. Physical attack bonus might be lost, but the extra damage of enemy lost HP will be increased from 20% to 20-30% in the late game, This will increase the overall Balmond damage for tank hero in the late game.

Do note, that his ultimate damage is True damage, which means that the damage is fixed without the damage reduction by armor from item and equipment. Of course, this is a welcome change for the heroes because Balmond is certainly not that good overall.

What do you think about this buff, Do you think that Balmond can get into the next META?

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