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Roaming item is a new addition in Mobile Legends. It is the addition to give the carry a much easier time to get money and EXP in the early game to get fat. However, there are still many loopholes in this game, where players in the game will buy the item and get gold or exp by soloing the lane [in the previous updates this has been fixed]. Now, Mobile Legends is going to rework this item to make it more balance.

So basically they are going to scales the item based on the equipment level that you get. This means that the lower your Roaming mask level is, the slower you will get your gold and EXP. Previously, heroes will only buy the Wodden Mask and get the benefits of Gold and EXP each time and sell it in the mid game to get more EXP and Gold when the carry had already farm enough to catch up with the gold and EXP.

However, with this update, it will be much harder for support and tank to get more gold based on the scales every second. Where they might need to think and allocate some of their gold to upgrade the roaming item for a better gold and EXP scale.

What do you guys think about this update, this update adds more complexity to the game that we have played and some might need to converse with each other based on the amount of gold and exp that they can get in one farm. Of course for those that didn’t play with their friends, this might be harder to do than said. So what do you think?

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