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Each month there are going to be more skins that are being released by Moonton. These skins will change the hero’s basic animations and heroes’ skill effects. Regardless these skins are purely cosmetic that won’t really give much boost in the game. If you are interested in Mobile legends skins, then here are 8 more Mobile Legends skins that are going to come soon in November 2020!

1. Layla – Blazing Gun [20 November]

2. Chang’e – Strawberry Parfait [1 November]

3. Lolita – Genki Slam [TBA]

4. Yi Sun Shin – Lone destructor [5 November]

5. X-Borg – Tesla Maniac [7 November]

6. Aldous – Blazing Force [13 November]

7. Franco – West World [26 November]

Mobile Legends Skins November 2020

8. Kadita – Anthem of Tribe [28 November]

Mobile Legends Skins November 2020

If you are interested in the skins, Try to save up during the month of its release. As long as it is not a limited skin event, you will be able to buy it anytime you want.

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