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Starlight is a Mobile Legends Battle pass, that gives their players rewards for playing the game. Starlight will give their players a bunch of different items including exclusive skins that worth more than its price. Each month there are going to be exclusive skins and recently there are 2 new skins that seem to be released in early 2021, which is the Bruno, and Popol – Kupa skins.

Bruno – Street Hype, and Popol Kupa new street skins are said to come to the land of dawn in early 2021. Bruno looks like a street boy trying to play it cool while playing soccer in the field, and Popol and Kupo look like a fun boy trying to play with his firecrackers with his doggy.

Sadly there haven’t been any leaks regarding the starlight skins effect and in-game animation. If you are interested in the skins, you can buy the starlight. Stay tune for more info!

Mobile Legends is released by Moonton, and can be played for free in android and iOS!

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