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A streamer in the name of Cowsep recently got banned for using an emulator to play the League of Legends Mobile. For those that didn’t know about Cowsep, he is one of the most popular Streamer in South Korea for playing Yi with Cow costume.

Much like any other streamer, Cowsep is interested to play Wild Rift by using Master Yi in the game, but it seems like his journey will end earlier than the PC version. Because he recently got banned because of using 3rd party apps to access the game.

The only 3rd party apps that he uses is the emulator, Cowsep himself is confused why he can’t log into the game with the account and got a cheating punishment notice by Riot as you can see on the tweets below.

Not only that, this ban is permanent. This means that there aren’t rooms for complaint for the game. So for those that are using emulator or third party app to play the game, don’t. Because you will get ban by Riot and You can’t even complain.

If a big streamer like Cowsep can get ban by Riot, this might happens to you.

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