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If you are a Guinevere player, then you will most definitely know about how annoying the skin is.  Yes, I am talking about the KOF skins, that are used by many players nowadays. This skins will talk loudly, every time she attacks, uses her skills and in death. It is so annoying to both her players and enemies, that personally, I prefer to mute my phone rather than hearing the skin shouts every single time.

Thankfully, there is a leak regarding Guinevere next skin update, and it is going to be an Epic skin that will change most of her skin animation and skills.

This new skin is called Sakura Wishes and is probably going to be the next epic skins released by Moonton. Sadly, there haven’t been any leaks regarding the in-game design and skill effect changes, by the looks of it, we might need to wait 2 or 3 more months before it’s released.

Hopefully, this skin is going to be epic shop skins that can be bought immediately to change the skins most used skins in Mobile Legends from Guinevere KOF Athena Asamiya, to Guinevere Sakura Wishes skins.

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