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Ever gotten a bad ping in either Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, or even Wild Rift? Well, we got good news for those that are interested in renewing their ping for better gameplay. You can get this by using an app called Pinger that can be used to increase your network latency in-game.

If you are familiar with pinging the google server on your PC, then you will definitely know about this app. It works similarly to the cmd version in Windows by pinging the selected host in the game so that they are always. This will help your server stay online making sure that the connection to the game server stays strong reducing the latency, and reducing your ping in the game.

Out of 10 games that I had personally played with the game, there are around 7 times where it works well. I have tried it with Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and lastly Wild Rift that are notable for the bad server especially in asia. You only need to do this step to get it to work:

  • Download Pinger on Google Play Store
  • Open The App
  • On the “Search for Host” bar type in the game that you want to play, either PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, or Any other game that you want to play
  • Click the count button on adjust that you can see in the middle top interface, and change it from 10 to [infinite]
  • The game will immediately ping the server again and again for better ping.
  • Minimie the app and play the game that you want.

Hopefully, with this app, you will be able to play any game that you want without any problems.

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