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Another flop by Moonton after they had updated their advanced server patch in Mobile Legends. Where the Hanabi buff on the Advance server, will not go live in the next updates. On the recent updates, the buff that will increase her shield is going to be reverted back to the original server.

In the update, the shield limit that is going to get buffed in the next update is reduced from 30% to 20%. Which is the same for the original server. Even though if these updates go live, it will increase her survivability overall. Everytime she attack, she will gain a shield that can be used as anti cc.

She will be able to survive ganks from the enemies team, and has the ability to fight back especially in team fight in the late game without getting killed. There won’t be any change for hanabi in the next update, but you can stay tune for more mobile legends updates in roonby!

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