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Yi is a huge Crowd COntrol mage in Mobile Legends. Her ability to slow and stun her enemies are her keys to win the game. She is so annoying and her teleport ability if used right could be devastating. The only problem with her is that her skill shot that is harder to hit. Thankfully in the next updates, Moonton is going to buff her to let her hit more target easily.

This buff will increase her 1st skill width and casting speed. Personally when using Yi, her first skill is really important to get to another combo, and with this update her ability will go up overall. Increasing her overall ability and the chance to hit more combo in the early game when solo laning or when you are in mid ganking.

Lastly, her cooldown reduction provided from her ultimate is going to be increased in the early game, from 2 to 6%. This update is good news for all Yi Users!

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