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Previously, Moonton had released an event survey to ask their players about the hero that they want to get a revamp. One of the most popular is the Assassins Karina that has been released since the early day of Mobile Legends. This assassin is so unpopular that Mobile Legends finally decides to revamp her in the next few updates

This model revamps is probably gonna be released in the next few updates. In these updates, Karina will get new looks that make her cooler. Interestingly enough, she looks more human-like in this model revamp rather than her previous one.

Karina is one of the most powerful anti marksman in Mobile Legends. Her ability to deal massive burst damage with her anti basic attack first skill that can be spam is a huge pain in the ass for most marksman users. Sadly her skill sets lacks when dealing with the META nowadays, and hopefully Moonton will be able to increase her worth by changing or buffing her skills without having to remove her basic essence.

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