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After the released of his revamp, Yi Sun Shin is becoming one of the best Mobile Legends Marksman in the game. Huge AOE Damage, including of vision can aid in the battle every time he has his ultimate. This also helps him gets a lot of Assist that can further increase her farming ability in the game because of the bonus gold. And it seems like Moonton didn’t want that, because in the next update, Yi Sun Shin will get a nerf that will reduce his ability to get assist by using his ultimate.

Moonton decides to nerf his ultimate by increasing his cooldown in the early game. Making sure that his skill isn’t as spamable as before to gets assist in the game. Of course, by reducing his cooldown, the vision that he will get in the early game will also be reduced. Reducing his ability to survive if the players didn’t have map awareness.

Regardless, Yi Sun Shin won’t have any problems in the late game, because this nerf will only affect him in the early game. Well, what do you guys think about Yi Sun Shin in the game?

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