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November 2020 is giving our little loli mage, Chang’e a cute desert theme skins. Sadly, there isn’t any changes regarding the skill effect for the skins, even though it had so much potentials. Thankfully though, in the next updates, It is said (Rumored) that Moonton is giving this skin a little rework for its effect.

The changes is going to affect most of Mobile Legends Chang’e Skin effect. Now, she is going to expel a dessert everytime she uses her skills, from Strawberry to cute little cake, it is going to be awesome. There won’t be any cute little pink twinkle that she will shoot towards her enemies, but a little cake that is going to make them full and kill them with Diabetes.

This is a welcome change for people that had bought the skins and for those that are interested in the skins. If you want to buy it, you can buy the skins now in starlight November for these exclusive new effects.

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