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Recently Mobile Legends had nerfs Chou as a damage dealer in the game. Regardless, he is still one of the most viable fighter in the game, because of his crowd control skill and his Mobility. However, because of the nerf that is going to remove the second phase of anti cc skills, his ability to survive is going to be harder in the game later on. Thankfully in the next update [24 November] Chou is going to get buffed for his durability.

Chou is going to get an attack bonus from the shield, for almost 2 times his attacks. This means that if your attack power is 400, you will get a 800 shield bonus for the duration of your skills. Interestingly enough, because chou can immediately use his second skill after his first skill combo, you will get twice the amount which is a 1600 physical attack bonus.

A single BOD (Blade of Despair) will give you 170 Physical attacks, which means that 3 BOD will give you more than 510 Physical damage. A single use of your second skill will give you 1020 Shield, and combos with 1st skill it will give you 2040 shield.

A Hybrid tank chou is not a dream because of this buff!

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