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Recently, Wild Rift released a new update, and there are many changes that are going to be implemented in the game. One of which is the Ability Haste system that is going to change the CDR system. There is also a promise from Wild Rift that there is going to be improved Wild Rift Matchmaking to lower your ping.

Previously, since Wild Rift is just released, there are still some players that experience a different server on the game that makes them experience higher ping rate. Now, to improve their games, Wild Rift promises us to improve their matchmaking, lowering their ping, and skill disparity for those that are playing ranks in the game.

There are also AFK penalty timings, that are being lowered, so please be careful for those that have a not so good connection when playing the game. If you are interested in the game, Wild Rift is available in Asia, and is going to be released in Europe soon, Go and get it now on Google play!

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