Bifrost is one of the most recent events in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. You can get 5 events limited Einherjar Card by participating in this event. This event should be starting soon, and today we will give you guys some guide to play to continue with the event.

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More rewards Tips and Guide!

The daily Quest Event is going to renew Every Week. Before Doing the daily Rift Event, be sure to take a quest at Prontera You will need Breath of Purify to get an Extra reward from the rift event. You can take up Breath of Purify up to 3 times per week.

After getting it, Take the Breath of Purify to Prontera West Gate and talk to the NPC to enter the event Rift. With it, you can earn Rainbow Fragment / Event Shop Token from the rift with Max 400 per day.

Note: Recommend to party with friends to clear the mob faster or alt acc. You will eventually be able to buy all item if you do the rift daily during the event, so you might want to consider selling it if you want to earn some bucks.

You can also get an einherjar box after clearing the rift max 2 box per day, and if you hold Breath of Purify, you can claim an extra 6 Feast Gacha Coupon.

Einherjar Fragments, How to get!

Einherjar Box has a chance to give you Einhejar Shards that can be used to unlock the quest to get Einherjar Card. The chances are high, so you shouldn’t have any problem in getting it all if you give around 10 tries per week.

BUT, If you have really bad luck, then you can try buying it from the exchange if there are some players selling it. And also, There is a low chance to get Ancient Aqua coin that can be exchanged to Ninja Class Trial Scroll at the last week rift

Einherjar Cards details.

Card Name Equip Effect Depo Unlock
Meryl Card Off hand Damage to MVP/Mini +5% MATK+3 MaxHP+30 MDEF+2 MaxHP+30+
Hurd Card Armor Damage to MVP/Mini +10% PATK+3 MaxHP+30 PDEF+2 MaxHP+30
Mayfair Linse Card Garment Damage to MVP/Mini +5% MATK+3 MaxHP+30 MDEF+2 MaxHP+30
Norman Card Head Damage to MVP/Mini +5% PATK +3 MaxHP+30 PDEF+2 MaxHP+30
Siren Card Weapon Damage to MVP/Mini +10% Dmg to MVP/Mini+1% MaxHP+60


Tips to clear rift faster:

  • Stellar Hunter and Warlock is recommended since both can kill fast, far, with AOE damage.
  • Party play with your friends is recommended because the mob location was separated, so clearing it with party will definitely help you
  • Use reduce HP% skill such as Fire Arrow Rain and Kiwi Rootstock to easily reduce their damage.

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Hopefully with these tips, you will be able to get Einherjar card easily without any problem.

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