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The most underestimated marksman Clint in Mobile Legends recently has gotten a huge buff. This is very interesting, since Clint had just recently gotten an update regarding his new skills, and Moonton decides that it is not enough for him to survive, so they gave him a buff.

This update is going to increase his overall damage, and his ability to survive by increasing his first skill base damage by 50 at all time, from 200 – 400 to 250 – 450, and decrease his mana cost to let him use his skill more. Interestingly enough, Moonton also decides to decrease his second skill cooldown by reducing it from 12 – 9.5 to 10 – 8s, and reducing his cd when hit to 40%.

In the late game, if you have 40% CDR his second skill will only need 2/3s before you are able to use it again. This updates will not only increase his damage in the early game, but also in the mid game, so that he can be more aggresive.

What do you think about this update guys?

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