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Wild Rift update is going to get a little harder for most Jungler because the devs seem to think that jungle is too op. And because of that, to delay their leveling speed in the game, They are going to nerf their most used which is Smite

Because Jungler Sometimes hit level 5 before learners, they want to relieve some pressure on the jungle when they use smite to reach level 5 before the laners. Jungler won’t be able to gank before reaching level 5. There is also a matter on every champion will be at the same level, and it will be harder to kill them. The initial charges of smite the second charge is going to delayed by 10s, which means that all of your juggling activity is going to be delayed by 10s.

Wild Rift is free to play MOBA game, that can be downloaded on Android and iOS!

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