UPDATE: Confirmed by Ragnarok on their recent Facebook Post, 2.0 is going to be UPDATED on 26 Feb!

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, one of the most popular Ragnarok games on Mobile has been going strong. So strong that it is getting a 2.0 version with improved updates. One of the features that is going to be implemented in the game is the new Character Creations updates.

Not only that, there are also going to be cricatura academy that can be used to instantly get to 3rd or 4th job. However, Each account can only do the quest once. There is also a new job called Ninja that is going to come, that has 3 potential builds, Debuff, DPS, or Caster [For more information regarding the skill].

It is rumored that the v2.0 is going to be released on EP8, and estimated to be around on March 8th. 1 Month after the 7.5 Updates, or it might be sooner. RIght now, the EP8/ Ragnarok Mobile V2.0 is on CBT. So there might be some changes regarding this information next, but stay tune for more updates!

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