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Helcurt Mobile legends recently got a new skins, and honestly we are a little sceptical on what to feel about this skins. Honestly it looks great, the usual Assassins that shroud itself with the dark now has a cute little whisker much like the chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland

As you can see on the little video above, Helcurt has gotten a little disturbing. The creepy animation where he creeps slowly after coming out from his hiding spots, and then the little boo that he gives us at the ends makes him looks a little scary. In fact, the skins actually makes him looks more scary than his previous skins.

Regardless this skins looks really awesome for those that play Helcurt you might want to save up now because it is going to be the next must have skins for Helcurt main. If you are interested in the skins, it is said that it will be released as Starlight skins in 2021. But stay tune for more update.

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