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It seems like skill revamp is not the only thing that Moonton will give to Argus, but also a new wallpaper for its starlight skin Dark Draconic. The skins that had been released since a long time ago will finally get its own revamped version making it look cooler when winning MVP at the end of the match.

The wallpaper is going to change the demeanor of the skins overall. Previously Argus didn’t look like anything in the wallpaper, and we don’t even know where his limb is and where he is looking at. But with this wallpaper changes we can see how he looks, and how cool he is with his swords on his hands.

Interestingly enough the revamp is going to changes most of his skills, enabling him to kill, chase, and deal damage while chasing his enemies. His first skills will also be activated all the time, without hitting the enemies. His second skill is able to deal massive damage for enemies that run away from him, and his ultimate now gives him a damage buff increasing his overall damage overtime.

This is a huge buff for Argus and we might see him as a viable pick in the next few weeks after the updates.

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