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Unlike Rafaela, Estes is a great heroes that can heal his enemies in the game. Sadly, because of NOD which is the anti heal items, he can’t really increase his allies health. The worst part about this item is that, because it can be bought by any heroes, even a support hero like angela herself is the counter of Estes, and because of that it is really hard for him to prosper in the late game.

Thankfully now, Moonton decides to buff him in the early and late game. Increasing his worth in the game by increasing the effect of his first skill. Now, when you link yourself with your allies, not only will it heal them, but it will also increase their movement speed by 15%. This means that as long as your first skill attach with your allies, you will increase their movement speed and yours too. Increasing their ability to move and dodge hit scans abilities while healing them away.

Estes is going to be even better than rafaela that has the mobility when using his second skills. He might even be faster than rafaela depending on his built! This updates is already live on original server, so try it out!

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